Fireworks – Clear vision when it matters

Genuine wiper blades from Mercedes-Benz
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With the New Year just around the corner, you must find a good position to watch the fireworks on the special night. But what if it rains or snows right as we step into 2016? Mercedes-Benz came up with a solution.

A video advertising for Mercedes-Benz genuine parts gives a way out of this predicament. The 50-second film shows a kid watching out the window while the rain whips the glass.

The boy suddenly grabs the car keys, runs into the driveway and gets into the passenger’s seat of his father’s Mercedes-Benz C-Class. He only needs a gesture to make his father understand that the wipers would surely make their vision clear and they could watch the New Year fireworks for as long as they light up the sky.

“Clear vision, when it really matters”, the video tells, advertising for the Mercedes-Benz genuine wiper blades.