Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg pulled over by police in Monaco

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If you were the fastest man on earth last year, it doesn’t mean the police can’t catch you! Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg got pulled over by the police during an interview taking place on-board his classic Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda in Monaco.

Nico Rosberg was lapping the Monaco Grand Prix street racetrack in his light blue 1968 Pagoda, for a special feature with TV host Graham Bensinger, when he heard the siren behind him and saw a policeman signalling him to stop. Rosberg pulled over and went to open his trunk to prove to the policeman that the papers of his classic convertible are all in compliance with the regulations in force in the State of Monaco.

The Formula 1 former driver had forgotten about the sticker that he was supposed to put on the licence plate. The policeman only gave him a warning.

“It is the first time it happens to me”, the Monaco resident told Graham Bensinger.

During the TV show, the German told the story of his childhood, growing up in Monaco and watching the races from his house or from a boat, following Ayrton Senna speeding through the streets in his red and white McLaren. Robserg takes the TV presenter right outside the legendary tunnel in Monte Carlo, telling him exactly how it feels to drive blindly into the light, with the car lifting off the asphalt.

Cruising along the famous stretch of the Mediterranean state, Rosberg tells the TV host that this was his way to school. “My mom was driving me to school every single day and then all of the sudden, I am driving in a Grand Prix here and then winning the Formula 1 championship”, he says, considering himself the luckiest man on earth.

Nico Rosberg announced his retirement from Formula 1 just days after winning the World Championship. The German watched the Australian Grand Prix won by another German, Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, at home, on TV. Read all about the last weekend’s race right here: Mercedes puts both cars on the podium and Vettel wins, as the Formula 1 season kicks off in Australia.