Life looks premium through the Mercedes-Benz glasses

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Cloths – checked. Aircraft design – checked. Motor yachts – checked. Leather accessories – checked. But it’s summer, you don’t need that much. Shall we tick the eyeglasses box? Since Mercedes-Benz partnered up with Germany’s top eyewear manufacturer back in 2010 and they have recently released their latest collection, yes, we can tick that.

Eyewear specialist Rodenstock together with Mercedes-Benz have just launched the 2015 autumn/winter collection, but we guess you can start wearing the eyeglasses starting now. The eyewear incorporates newly developed materials, colours and design in five styles of sunglasses and correction lenses, as the entire collection is defined by uncompromising quality.

Mercedes-Benz glasses

The avant-garde style of the MB products are known worldwide and their philosophy stands when it comes to products outside the automotive industry. The new collection is introducing the wood-effect glasses. The designs perfectly combine wood-acetate rims with arms made of lightweight, high-grade stainless steel. The glasses guarantee the longevity of an acetate frame, as neither moisture, nor extreme temperatures can damage the promised long-lasting items. They are each available in two versions, as sunglasses and correction frames, in an impeccable symbiosis of form and function.

The collection also integrates other designs, like clean metal look with ultralight high-grade polyamide, which further highlights the luxury of the Mercedes-Benz Style.

Mercedes-Benz glasses

Mercedes-Benz is known not for only building high-quality automobiles in terms of design, safety, power and comfort. But transferring all these in fashion has been one of the German’s priority.

Since Mercedes-Benz is a premium car maker, they could have only partnered up with top manufacturers. And Rodentock is considered as one. The Munich-based brand founded in 1877 maintains production sites at 15 locations in 13 countries, but also involves sales subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 80 states.