Video: first TV commercial for the new Mercedes-Benz GLE

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The Mercedes-Benz GLE – successor of the M-Class best-seller – has only just been launched earlier this month at the New York motor show, but it already has its own TV commercial.  

This is surely just the first of many other commercials the new GLE will get. Have a look at it and tell us what you think. By our standards, we think it’s a great start. With its dynamic shots and various landscapes, this is a video that will make you want to get up from your chair and go out… somewhere and do… something.

That’s precisely what an SUV should be all about – adventure just for the sake of it.

The old M-Class was one of the leaders of its class when it came to actual off-road performance, combining great on road comfort with sensational off-road abilities. The new GLE is set to continue in the same tradition and, if there was any doubt, this short commercial is here to confirm it.

We get to see all versions of the GLE, from the new hybrid (GLE 500 e plug in hybrid) to the GLE 63 AMG darting around a thrilling mountain road like it was nothing.

There’s also a short off-road incursion, but the more correct word would be “off-paved-road”, since the GLE is crawling along a dirt road and not proper uncharted terrain. Not that it couldn’t, but it is, after all, a premium luxury SUV, not a full explorer’s car.

The fact there’s no voiceover only adds to the dramatism of the images. It makes the GLE look like it has nothing to prove, like words are – as Depeche Mode said it before me – very unnecessary. You see the car, you see what it can do, you know it’s a Mercedes-Benz, what more do you need? Well, I think we all know: a pretty fat bank account.


Source: CARJAM TV via YouTube