You Can Park This Mercedes-AMG-Like Speaker in Your Home

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You can park this Mercedes-AMG-like speaker right in your living room. But that won’t take you too far. Not in terms of distance, anyway. Meet the handcrafted AMG Performance Luxury Audio by iXOOST.

The Instagram account @ixoost_modena posted the photos accompanied by a video to reveal the company’s latest creation. They call it the AMG Performance Luxury Audio and it follows the design of the AMG GT sports car.

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The Panamericana radiator grille, familiar to the brand’s enthusiasts, displays the anodized aluminum vertical slats that hold the Mercedes three-pointed star logo. The top cover of the speaker imitates the shape of a vented hood. Meanwhile, the rear follows the lines of a diffuser and there are also exhaust pipes following the lines of the original ones.

There is also a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis that amplifies the sports car looks.

In order to deliver hi-fi sound, the speaker includes four one-inch tweeters and two six-inch woofers, with a 2 x 125 Watt amplifier. The system is compatible with Bluetooth 4.5 and it comes with a built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP), covering frequencies between 60 and 22,000 Hertz. It weighs 15 kilograms (approximately 33 pounds).

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It is not the first automotive-inspired speaker by iXOOST

This is not the first time iXOOST creates speakers that hint at automotive designs. The Modena, Italy-based company has recently revealed the Lamborghini Esavox sound system. Fiat, Pirelli, as well as Formula 1 have shaken hands with the Italian brand. Which means the AMG speaker is far from being the last iXOOST product inspired by cars.

The Lamborghini system goes on sale for €19,900 or $20.352, at the current exchange rate. Considering that the AMG Performance Luxury Audio seems more elaborated than that one, the price should be north of the Lamborghini system. To find that out, you can contact the Italians. They’re one Instagram private message away.


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