The dress and the Mercedes

Mercedes S 63 AMG
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You thought the color debate is over? Well, maybe it is for the infamous dress that we kept seeing on and on, in the social media around the world. But for Mercedes-Benz, the color debate is just starting!

The dress and the Mercedes-BenzWe all saw the dress. There was no way we could have miss it while it was wandering around the social network for a whole week! Some of us saw it black and blue (no other meaning than the actual colors, really!). Others saw it – by what means, no one guarantees – white and gold. Ok, it’s settled. The designer showed up on CNN and said the first option was the real one and the second option only depended on the display, monitor or tv set adjustment.

But now, here we go. To make fun of the situation that has been intoxicating the social media for days, Mercedes-Benz of New Haven posts the photo of an S 63 AMG, asking “What color is it?” We promise there’s no way this is a psychological test.

Would you go for black? Or grey, maybe? Or shall it be blue? Feel free to give us your point of view! Ours is that it looks great no matter the color!