Mercedes-Benz record sales in February 2015 thanks to C-Class and SUVs

February 2015 sales
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 Mercedes-Benz sold 120,270 worldwide in February 2015, topping the record high level of the previous year’s month by 14.6%.

Mercedes-Benz posted sales growth in February everywhere in the world. In Europe, Mercedes sold 50,550 vehicles in February, a 17.1% plus related to February 2014. The biggest European market is Germany with 17,494 vehicles (+5.8%), but sales have increased in many other European countries: 19.5% in the UK, 92.5% in Poland, 39.6% in Spain, 34.9% in Sweden and 36.5% in Belgium.

In the NAFTA region, Mercedes-Benz posted a new record in February with 26,747 vehicles sold (+6.3%). The main market remain the US with 23,616 units (+4.5%).

February sales have also increased in the Asia-Pacific region by 15.5% to 37,992 units: 19,979 units in China (+13.6%) and 5,240 units in Japan (3.6%).

Despite the complicated economic situation in Russia, Mercedes-Benz sales have increased by 16.5% in February 2015.

By models, Mercedes sold 35,159 compact cars in February, a figure which represents a plus of 6,948 units related to February 2014.

The compact family consists of A, B, GLA and CLA-Class, while the fifth member – the new CLA Shooting Brake – will arrive at dealers on March 28.

The most successful were the new C-Class Estate and Sedan with high sales growth in February at 66.6%. With 63,878 units sold in January and February (+59.1%), the C-Class was the leader segment in both January and February.

 “We have never before sold so many C-Class Sedans and Estates as well as SUVs and compact cars in the first two months of the year.

Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales


The E-Class sedan posted high growth in its largest sales market China, where sales were up by 16%, compared with February 2014.

The S-Class remains the best selling luxury sedan in the world with another sales record of 15,204 units in the first two months of 2015 (+4.2%).

Mercedes GLK february sales 2015

Along with the new C-Class, SUVs were very popular in February (+31.1%). The iconic G-Class posted growth of 17.6% in February.

The new smart had a good start with 8,303 units sold in February (+12.7%). The highest growth rates were registered in Germany (+33%) and Italy (+45.3%).

February 2015Change in %January-February 2015Change in %
Mercedes-Benz Cars128,573+14.5262,895+14.5
Mercedes-Benz Sales in the Markets
- thereof Germany17,494+5.832,997+8.3
- thereof USA23,616+4.548,235+6.7
- thereof Japan5,240+3.69,774+7.2
- thereof China19,979+13.648,059+14.1