Iconic Mercedes-Benz cars in movies – What we have seen so far

Mercedes Benz guest appearance in movies
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In 2014, the entertainment customer is exposed to a large number of advertisements and commercials, which affects each one of us through the repeat exposure on an unconscious level. Remember the Youtube commercials and the 5 seconds time until you can skip it? How many of us actually watch the whole advertisement? This poses a great problem for most advertisers, since the costs are not decreasing. In this situation, product placement seems like the best solution both for advertisers and for studios.

The automotive industry surely didn’t hold back in placing its products in front of the customers. A proper example of product placement done right is Mercedes Benz. It even won the Brandcameo 2012 Award for Overall Product Placement and according to BrandChannel.com, Mercedes Benz logo appeared in 10 movies out of 34 box office #1. The company made a smart move, because it not only selected the box office winners, but it also chose the right models for whatever movie scene it appeared.

Here are some movie scenes:

  1. Maybe the most expensive car on the big screen was the SLS AMG in Transformers – Dark of the Moon, when the SLS transformed into Soundwave the Decepticon.
  2. A Good Day to Die Hard is a Bruce Wills movie that features Mercedes Benz vehicles. 3 G Class, 3 Sprinters and 3 Unimogs in an impressive chasing scene with Bruce Wills escaping unharmed, unlike the cars though.
  3. How about Men in Black II? Will Smith’s line – “The new hotness!” was meant to describe the new E 500.
  4. Time for classics? How about the cherry red 450 SL Mercedes convertible in “Dallas”?
  5. Back in time once again, 1973 more exactly. Here we have the classic Mercedes Benz 280 SE in Argo (2012)