Production begins for Silver Arrow of the Seas

Silver Arrow of the Seas
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The fascinating Mercedes-Benz Style concept – Silver Arrow of the Seas – will be built in Switzerland at Group Carboman shipyards.

Sailing and legendary sport cars enthusiasts now have another reason of joy. Starting march 2014, an agreement was signed for building in Switzerland the concept drawn by Mercedes-Benz Style and named “Silver Arrow of the Seas”, as a dedication to Mercedes-Benz “Silver Arrows” that wrote important pages in automobile’s history. The manufacturer is Group Carboman SA, a company with tradition in nautical competitions that has in its portfolio crafts’ attendance at two America’s Cup editions and five Jules Verne trophies. Ron Gibbsm Silver Arrow Marine president declared: “I have always looked for more than a dockyard, I wanted a partner as passionate about this project as we are. In Groupe Carboman we have found this partner and we are pleased to work together at the first Arrow460 on the shores of the Geneva Lake”

Groupe Carboman is a new name that resulted from the merger of the two most famous companies that are building composite racing crafts, the French from Multiplast SAS and the Swiss from Decision SA. After many years of proper collaboration, the two companies merged at the beginning of this year in order to create a new industrial group. Bertrand Cardis, commercial director of Groupe Carboman, said : “It is a great honor for us to be part of this project, to build a yacht called  the Silver Arrow of the Seas. It is a challenge, but we shine bright each time when we face the most ambitious technical challenges. The Silver Arrow craft will be unique thanks to the knowledge, the quality and attention to the details.

The partnership with Group Carboman represents an essential final part of the process to bring to reality the Silver Arrows Marine, conceived together with the design partner, Mercedes-Benz Style. The final version of the exterior and interior design of the model was presented last year in September within the Monaco Yacht Show, just one year after presenting the first sketches. Arrow460-Granturismo takes over Mercedes-Benz cars’ essence, because it gets its inspiration from the classic cars of the manufacturer. The new design solutions and the usage of new fabrics such as the nubuck lether and eucalyptus wood based panels, bring a fresh whiff in motor craft aesthetics, but also at a functional level.

“The first Silver Arrow model will certainly be an extraordinary one, and now, through Group Carboman, we also have an excellent manufacturer” declared the CEO of Silver Arrow Marine, Jacopo Spadolini, at the announcement regarding the manufacturer. “We found a dockyard to share our passion for top technology and for innovation and we have a common language that can help us to carry out the most enthusiasts projects with maximum speed”, he concluded.

Taking orders

Those who want to buy such a model have reasons to celebrate, because a list has already been opened with orders for the 1st Edition, a limited debut edition, and the first copy will be delivered in 2015. This first edition will be available in the beginning only from Silver Arrows Marine. If it proves to be a commercial success, the 14 m length craft could be a modern version of what Riva and Chris Craft represented 40 years ago, bringing classical elegance in the 21st century through the modern design that takes a more classical shape.


Technical data ARROW460 – Granturismo

Technical data
Total length14.17m - 46ft 6in
Length at sea level13.8m - 45ft 3in
Width3.97m - 13ft 3in
Draft (loaded, incl. propeller)0.93m - 3ft 1in
Dislocament13.63 tons - 30.050lb