She parked her Mercedes in a river

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When will drivers learn that cars can’t swim? A Chinese female driver found herself plunging in a river in the Jiangsu province, together with her Mercedes-Benz limousine.

The female driver lost control of her Mercedes and ended up in a river in the Chinese city of Wuxi. You might think she was overspeeding. Well, it actually happened while she was trying to park her car at a roadside parking space adjacent to the water. The automobile crashed through the guardrail when the women set the automatic gearbox to drive forward instead of setting it for the reverse.

The woman suffered no injuries whatsoever. And she was brave enough to climb out of her car through the sunroof, while her new limousine was sinking. The authorities pulled the clumsy female driver out of the river, after she reportedly refused to use a lifebuoy, claiming she had no idea how to swim.

The vehicle was torched fished hours after her and after drying in the sun the following day, the engine restarted! Maybe a hairdryer would help dry everything inside…

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