Mercedes-Benz in Heiligendamm: Winter by the Sea

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The winter holiday is just the right time to go for a ride in a Mercedes. And that’s just what a Mercedes-Benz team did. Two cars started a journey to the Baltic Sea shore, with the luxury Grand Hotel Heiligendamm as a destination.

A Mercedes-Benz CLA and a CLS Shooting Brake left the fuzz of the city behind. They have exchanged the Christmas mad rush with the Die weiße Stadt am Meer (White Town by the Sea), the way the Germans call Heiligendamm.

Germany’s resort, on the shore of the Baltic Sea, with its classical style buildings and extensive park covering 80 000 square meters, offers a sensation of total leisure and seclusion, only a few meters away from the beach.

Mercedes-Benz in Heiligendamm

The old building bears Christmas decorations filling the air with a sensation of holiday and the tree in the center of the resort shines with 10 000 lights. After walks along the centuries-old cobbled avenues, guarded by mansions with amazing architecture, the Mercedes tourists can still feel the scent of pines inside the hotel where the former U.S. President, George W. Bush, stayed in June2006. 25 of those aromatic pines decorate the interior of the building. The highlight attraction is the 6 meter high tree in the lobby, bearing 300 different baubles.

The Heiligendamm Grand Hotel seems secluded, but it’s not that far from the historical places of interest. So the Mercedes-Benz team is on the way to experience the 200 year history of the traditional spa region. Founded in 1793, it is not only the oldest resort in Germany, but also in the entire continental Europe. Back then, in its glory days, it was the playground of the European aristocracy, emperor’s the continent included.

And then, in the silent night, covered up in Christmas spirit, the tourists retreat to their rooms, while the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake and the CLA quietly rest in the driveway of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, built exactly 200 years ago.