The Mercedes 2015 Calendar: A Mercedes for Each Month

Mercedes-Benz releases 2015 calendars
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Best Mercedes cars ever, hanging on your wall. Isn’t that a temptation? Mercedes-Benz has released the 2015 calendars of high-quality photography of roadsters, coupes, sedans, classics, F1 cars and even trucks.

A different car every single month of 2015. You can choose the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Classic Wall Calendar, for €29.90, if you favor historical masterpieces. The calendar presents restored and reconstructed highlights of the past century of automotive history. The 540 K Streamliner is one of the immortal engine VIPs printed on high-quality paper. Every dream car is emphasized with a never before seen number-shaped light source.

Mercedes 2015 Calendar

We wish you a 2015 like an AMG!

And then there is the 2015 AMG Wall Calendar for €34.90, but power comes with a price. You might have guessed by now, the September launch, the AMG GT, is right there, together with other 11 engined “lions”.

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If you are into Formula 1, there is an option for you, too. The 2015 Formula 1 Wall Calendar, for €29.90 puts you right next to the world champions of today and yesterday and gives you that race track feeling.

Let’s not drift away from the race track yet. The 2015 DTM Wall Calendar puts the décor of the tight overtaking manoeuvres and clocked up pit stops in your office or living room, for €29.90.

The Mercedes calendars are not only pictures, but also stories. The 2015 Commercial Vehicles Wall Calendar (€26.90) tells the tales of men and women drivers, turned into heros, along their journies across Europe, to the most beautiful and extreme destinations.

For the fans of the Unimog, there is a special 12-page exhibition in the 2015 Unimog Wall Calendar (€26.90).

The 2015 Setra Wall Calendar (€26.90) showcases the German bus division owned by Daimler, during exciting road trips.

And last, but not least, The Three-Months Commercial Vehicles Calendar and the Four-Month Bus Calendar (€8.90 each), featuring a sliding day indicator on a transparent trip, for you not to miss anything, display three and four months of 2015 at once.

The calendars can be purchased in Mercedes-Benz Partners and dealerships. All prices include VTA.