Petrolhead Santa Claus ditches the sleigh for the Mercedes-AMG GT

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Santa Claus is ditching his flying sleigh for the gone mental Mercedes-AMG GT. How about the reindeer, you may ask? Well, they have been dismissed and replaced by horses. Horse power that is.

Mercedes-Benz is upending the holiday tradition in its latest Winter Event TV commercial, entitled “Switcheroo.”

Santa Claus 4You can write a letter to Santa Claus now, one month and 10 days ahead of Christmas. You can email him. You can even text him. Now he’s got time to read and reply to all of your messages. The old generous guy living at the North Pole sped up behind the wheel of the Mercedes-AMG GT S. Bet he got the right winter tyres!

When the clock strikes midnight, petrolhead Santa just pushes a switch and his chalet decorated with bows of holly is turning into a bright red GT to match his suit.

“How else do you think he gets around so fast?” is the rhetorical question in the video, while speed-addicted Santa is winking at us from behind the wheel. In front of him, eight other Mercedes-Benz cars are making way dashing through the snow towards their future masters. The new GLC is leading the way.

Ho! ho! ho! Have you been good this year?