In the land of Dracula – RoadStars go to Romania

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Welcome to the land of Dracula. You are safe here. Well, as long as you stay out of the way o the legendary beasts. The Romanians have only seen them though in the Hollywood movies. And so did RoadStars, the company that found a new market for the Mercedes-Benz trucks in Romania.

Making use of the iconic vampire stories, Romania is boasting centuries-old castles and endless nature, together with the open arms. Stretching across the Carpathians, all the way to the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, Romania keeps its mysterious charm, dented by decades of communism.

The RoadStars fell in love with the pristine lands, as 27% of the 238,391 km2 are covered by forests.

With 113.473 km with paved roads, 695 of which being motorways, Romania offers great potential for transportation. The motorways are – as the RoadStar team says – well-developed and equipped to European standards. But in the rural regions, the roads are in a poor condition and pretty narrow. The Mercedes-Benz trucks have encountered horse-drawn carriages and had to wait behind them for a moment suitable for overtaking.

RoadStars in Romania

All non-urban roads in Romania are subject to a toll charge, according to the category the vehicle belongs to. Not paying the fee would bring drivers fines ranging from 80 to 120 euros.

The days in Romania have become an unforgettable experience for all those who participated. They drove through the rural picturesque Maramures, went to Timișoara, the first ever European city with electric street ligthing. They could not have missed what was called the most beautiful road in the world, Transfagaransan.

RoadStars in Romania

Then, through the Carpathians, the Stars of the Road headed to Dracula’s Castle and to the Romania’s former king residence, the Peleș Castle. Then on to the capital of the over 19-million residents country.

For more about the Romanian adventure, check out the RoadStars website!