Mercedes-Benz GLE Guard Inferno – Danger makes no sense

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Danger makes no sense anymore. The Mercedes-Benz GLE has gone bulletproof, in the hands of the Moscow-based Topcar experts. You can only tell the difference between just another hyped-up GLE wrapped in carbon fiber and the armored one, if you look closely.

A Russian oligarch who sensed danger ordered the bulletproof GLE. Following the special request, the Topcar tuning specialists fitted the bulky car with bulletproof glass, Kevlar, run-flat tires and other various protective reinforcements, making the car heavier and more massive.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Guard Inferno (1)

A sneak-peek at the interior displays an exclusive lime green and chocolate brown leather combo in front of your very eyes, giving away the high-class ultra luxury of the Benz SUV. Carbon fiber, wood trims, Nappa leather and alcantara cover just about any surface that you might think of, roof included.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Guard Inferno (6)

The Mercedes-Benz GLE Guard Inferno got a new carbon fiber hood, Topcar trying to balance the weight gain caused by the armor layers. That aside, they fitted it with extended fenders, side air intakes and a new rear bumper with a solid air diffuser. The project took the tuning experts no less than eight weeks, giving half of the time to installing and painting the body kit and the other half working on the interior.

The body kit can be easily installed on any GLE variant. They also offer crocodile leather, precious wood and even 24K gold trims for the interior. It’s all up to the customer’s bank account.

Source: Topcar.