VATH gives the Mercedes-Benz V-Class more power

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What must have started as a ways of having fun some while ago has now turned into a periodical activity for more than just one tuning company: messing about with vans and generally giving them more (unnecessary) power.

We’ve seen our fair share of modified Sprinters and there’s also been the occasional Vito or Viano, so it’s only natural that the new V-Class had its turn in the tuners’ crosshairs. The shooter this time is German tuner VATH who have taken the luxurious van and given it a considerable power boost.

The V-Class in question is a V 250 CDI which, as it leaves the factory gates, develops a decent 190 hp and 440  Nm of torque. After the VATH treatment, the V-Class is pumped up by 35 hp and 60 Nm to 225 hp and 500 Nm. This increase in power is achieved by tinkering with the car’s ECU and does not involve any mechanical interventions. The cost for the chip tuning is 1,011.50 euros.

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Also on offer from VATH is a set of lower springs (566.20 euros) which drop the V-Class by 25 mm to make the car more aerodynamic and also easier to get in. The access is further eased by the two side running boards on which those less athletic can make one step before climbing aboard. This will set you back a further 629 euros.

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The most expensive part, though, are the admittedly nice looking rims which are 20 inches in diameter and cost close to 3,000 euros together with the 265/30 R20 tires that fit them. Do the MATH and you’ll get a total cost of over 5,000 euros which, come to think of it, isn’t really that much compared to the acquisition cost of a well equipped V-Class.