Baby-blue smart fortwo cabriolet gets the Brabus touch

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Nope, it does not come with over 700 HP. Nope, it doesn’t fly either. It’s just a smart fortwo cabriolet, as cute as can be. And as strong as can be. Brabus did not rearrange things under the hood as they did not want to convert the baby-blue smart into a mean supercar.

We will have to settle for the standard 89 HP power though. The smart fortwo cabriolet with the Brabus touch was exhibited in Geneva, together with some of the most powerful stars of the auto show. One of the few technical changes operated on the tiny drop top is its suspension, lowered by 0.4 inches.

Baby-blue smart fortwo cabrio BRABUS edition 2016

The Brabus cabriolet also sports grey wheels, a redesigned steering wheel, a handbrake lever next to it and a new shift knob. It is easy to tell it apart from a standard version, because, except for the typical Brabus front and rear bumpers, the Brabus smart is fully painted in this cyan, grille included, a feature that eliminates the distinction of the “Trideon Safety Cell”, now covered only in a matte-blue finish.

The canvas top is a Titanium Grey color. Inside, the Brabus smart fortwo cabriolet gets light colored seats and contrasting stitching, a trademark for the tuning house.

The visual upgrades include LED running lights and several comfort features like the heated seats, the larger infotainment display and a plus-size fuel tank.

Only 200 such units will be manufactured, all earmarked for the European markets.