Mercedes organized a first test session to get in touch with the new Mercedes EQS. Here are the first co-drive Mercedes EQS impressions on the youtube channel Mr. Benz.

There is not too much time until April 15 when Mercedes will officially present the new Mercedes EQS. The first cars will be delivered to the clients in August.

Until then, however, the manufacturer in Stuttgart kept our attention awake by gradually revealing the interior and then the data on batteries and engine power.
A few days ago Mercedes has organized a first co-drive test with the new Mercedes EQS.

We must mention that the test took place on pre-production cars whose design was still hidden under camouflage. But the production version keeps the body line of the concept presented in Frankfurt in the fall of 2019 with the one-bow design language and three lateral windows. The entire vehicle appears as a continuous streched arch from the side.

The Mercedes development engineer who has been involved in car development for the past 5 years says the car’s interior is awesome. EQS is the first model on the new EVA platform – the scalable platform for several electric Mercedes  models.

The 1.44 meter wide Hyperscreen screen is impressive and includes driver display, central display and passenger display. The passenger can look for restaurants in the navigation system, can play games and have fun. The passenger has practically his own multimedia system and he can share content with the rear passengers.

The tested car is the top version with all-wheel drive and two engines that develop a total of 385 kW (135 kW front  + 250 kW rear). It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds, which is amazing.

There is no noise  it is dynamic and fun to drive. There will also a basic version with a 245 kW rear engine that can be combined with both the smaller battery and the large 107.8 kWh battery which gives it a remarkable range of up to 770 km.

One bow design provides major advantages in terms of aerodynamics. Mercedes engineers are very proud to have achieved a world record Cx for a production car of only 0.20. In addition, one bow design gives a generous interior space. The driver can select various types of sounds coming from the speakers.

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