The first equipment comparison between Mercedes EQS 450+ and Mercedes S 450 4Matic

Which offer a better standard?
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The cheapest Mercedes EQS exceeds 100,000 euros. More precisely, the Mercedes EQS 450+ with 333 HP and a single engine costs 106,374.10 euros. By comparison, the Mercedes S 450 4Matic with 367 HP and mild hybrid system with 22 hp integrated starter generator costs 108,159.10 euros. What is the difference in standard equipment?

A first major difference is that all S-Class petrol versions – S 450, S 500 and S 580 – come with standard all-wheel drive while the Mercedes EQS 450+has only rear-wheel drive.

But the + sign in the name means that the EQS 450+ is equipped with the large 107.8 kWh net battery.
Mercedes’ first electric luxury limousine comes with a very rich standard equipment: 19-inch alloy wheels, High Performance LED headlights, Multimedia system with navigation Plus and hard disk, 12.8-inch OLED display with fingerprint scanning, 12.3-inch digital display for instrument cluster, integral steering (4.5 degree steering angle), Airmatic air suspension, a complete package of assistance systems with active steering assist, park package with rear view camera and Keyless-Go system.

Inside, the EQS 450+ has Thermatic air conditioning, leather upholstery, electrically adjustable  seats with memory function, heated front seats, Electric Art interior and electrically operated tailgate.

By comparison, the Mercedes S 450 4Matic is almost 2000 euros more expensive and has alloy wheels with only 18 inch, Multibeam LED headlights but comes with more sophisticated Thermotronic air conditioning.

On the other side, only the driver’s seat is electrically adjustable. Instead, the Mercedes S 450 4Matic comes with a more complete assistance package that includes the standard Active Distance Assist Distronic that is optional on the EQS 450+.
Both models have the same top MBUX multimedia system with a 12.8-inch OLED screen, but only at EQS 450+ will it be possible to order the Hyperscreen screen. Also, the Airmatic suspension is standard on the Mercedes S 450 4Matic but the integral steering costs extra.

Mercedes S -Class configurator

Let’s take a look now at the optional equipment.
In the case of the Mercedes S 450 4Matic, the integral steering costs 1547 euros and the price is the same regardless of whether the steering angle is 4.5 or 10 degrees. For the Mercedes EQS 450+, only the integral steering with a steering angle of 10 degrees costs an extra 1547 euros, while the one with a 4.5-degree angle is standard.

Instead, the Mercedes S 450 4Matic can be configured with the very expensive E-Active Body Control suspension (7735 euro) which is not available at EQS. Also, only at S 450 4Matic is available the very expensive head-up display with augmented reality (3796.10 euros) while at EQS is offered only a classic head-up display (1059.10 euros) available at the same price also for EQS 450+. And only on the S 450 4Matic you can order a 3D display for the instrument cluster (1416.50 euros).

It seems that you can have more options on Mercedes S 450 4Matic but the Mercedes EQS 450+ is a little better equipped in standard.