EVA2M Platform: upgrade for EVA2 platform with 800V technology and eATS 2.0 propulsion

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After four years, Mercedes is preparing to upgrade the EVA2 platform used in EQE/EQS. Called EVA2M, the new platform will receive 800V technology and the eATS 2.0 Drive propulsion system from the MMA platform.

More than a month ago, we wrote that Mercedes is having problems with sales of the EQE/EQS and its SUV derivatives in China and the United States. One of the problems is that Mercedes’ luxury electric models are based on a platform with 400V technology, while cheaper rivals like the Kia Ev6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5/6 have 800V platforms and bi-directional charging. Likewise, direct rival Porsche Taycan uses an 800V platform, which helps for shorter charging times, and a rear-mounted motor mated to a two-speed gearbox.

That’s why Mercedes reacted quickly, and the German press announced that Mercedes will upgrade the EVA2 platform that will be used from 2025 in the facelifted EQE/EQS models.

EVA2M platform with 800V technology, eATS 2.0 motors with scalable length and SiC inverter

Thus, the EVA2M platform will receive from its smaller sibling MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture) the eATS 2.0 propulsion system with oil-cooled, permanent magnet synchronous electric motors with scalable length and silicon carbide inverter for faster and less switching loss between DC and AC. The motors will also be able to be coupled with a two-speed gearbox.

Thanks to the scalable length, the motors can be adapted for a wide range of power and torque. The new eATS 2.0 propulsion system will also be available for the MB.EA platform.

Thus, in the near future, Mercedes will rely on three electric platforms:
MMA designed as Electric First, which can also support conventional propulsion, intended for the new generation of CLA, EQA/GLA, and EQB/GLB compact models.
MB.EA for the future electric Mercedes C-Class and electric GLC. At a later stage, the MB.EA platform will also be used for the next generation EQE/EQS. The AMG versions will use the AMG.EA platform while vans will be based on the VAN.EA platform.
– EVA2M, the upgraded version of the EVA2 that will be used for the EQE/EQS facelift and EQE SUV/EQS SUV.