The interior of the Mercedes EQS revealed. And it looks fabulous

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Mercedes shows the interior of the EQS and it looks fabulous, as if carried over from a spaceship. The “Digital Deep Dive Design” brings several innovations.

The Mercedes EQS is the company’s electric luxury saloon that the zero-emission enthusiasts will get to see soon. The premium car maker will build it on the modular architecture for luxury and executive-class electric cars, at Factory 56 in Sindelfingen. That is also where the S-Class saloon rolls off the assembly line.

The interior of the Mercedes EQS looks fabulous (6)

The MBUX Hyperscreen will be – as previously teased – the highlight of the interior of the Mercedes EQS. It therefore integrates a concave screen, stretching for 141 centimeters, all along the dashboard, from front left to front right A-pillar. A fine silver shadow frame, a vent band and a narrow leather frame surround it. Depending on the equipment, there are up to 350 sensors that monitor the functions of the EQS. According to Mercedes, the innovative system will be an option. The 12.3-inch instrument cluster and the 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen, a layout identical to the one in the S-Class, will be standard equipment for the EQS.

8 CPU cores, 24 GB RAM and 46.4 GB per second RAM memory bandwidth are the figures of the MBUX.

The interior of the Mercedes EQS brings 40 inventions

Furthermore, Mercedes has prepared no less than 40 new inventions for the EQS. The premium car also maker lists the innovations onboard the luxury electric saloon from A to Z. They are innovations that occupants will experience with all the senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting will all be put to the test onboard.

  • Aerodynamics – The model comes with a Cd value of only 0.20, a world record for series production vehicles.
  • Energizing Nature – the new Energizing Comfort brings new programs with soothing sounds.
  • HEPA filter – the air at the interior of the Mercedes EQS will be free of fine dust, particles, pollen and bothering odors.
  • MBUX Hyperscreen – the huge screen stretching from one end to the other of the dashboard.
  • Over-the-air updates – the car remains up-to-date for its entire life cycle via WLAN technology.
  • Sound experiences – the luxury saloon will be available with the optional driving sound in the interior.
  • Zero-layer concept – less distraction for the driver, as the one behind the steering wheel will get simplified operation with personalized suggestions in the field of vision.

The atmosphere inside the Mercedes EQS

As expected, Mercedes has worked on structuring a special atmosphere onboard the EQS. Avant-garde materials and color combinations set up the ambience. Nubuck leather, high-tech neoprene, microcloud on the instrument panel, with eight coordinated color combination also highlight the ground-breaking design.

Likewise, designers have fitted warm and cool tones, such as balao brown-neva grey, space grey-macchiatto or rose gold.

Illuminated piping underscore the fluid shape of the seats. It thus creates a unique night-time ambience. Wood trims, backlit elements and anthracite open-pore line structure lime wood or open-pore walnut ship’s deck wood highlight the shapes onboard the Mercedes EQS.