Drag race BMW M4 vs Audi RS5, Mercedes-AMG C 63S (Video)

the new M4 in the first comparison
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At the presentation of the new BMW M4, colleagues from Throttle House made the first race with the new M4 and its rivals with V8 engines, Audi RS5 and Mercedes-AMG C 63S. Who won?

The new BMW M4 retains the in-line 6-cylinder propulsion system that made history for the Bavarian sports car. In the M4 Competition version it develops 510 HP and 650 Nm and transmits power to the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission. Optionally it is offered for the first time at M3 / M4 all-wheel drive but the test car was in the standard version with rear-wheel drive.

Its rivals are the Mercedes-AMG C 63S also with 510 HP and 700 Nm which is at the end of its life cycle (a Plug-In Hybrid successor with 4-cylinder engine and electric motor should appear by the end of the year) and Audi RS5 Quattro which outputs 450 HP and 600 Nm from a 2.9-liter V6 engine that is also found on some Porsche models.
In both cases, the engines are mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission.
Instead, the Audi RS5 Quattro is the only all-wheel drive model in this test and in the end this will matter a lot.

The BMW M4 comes with a front grille that has caused a lot of controversy but remains a real sports car. The new generation is a bit heavier than its predecessor but is still lighter than the Audi RS5 and much lighter than the Mercedes-AMG C 63S.

Mercedes and BMW have the highest power, but Mercedes has the highest torque, 700 Nm. But the biggest torque also poses the biggest problem: its efficient transmission to the rear wheels.

With Quattro all-wheel drive, the Audi RS5 started like a shotgun and could not be caught, although the BMW M4 recovers a little in the second half of the route. C 63 S came in third.

At a launched start, all-wheel drive no longer matters so much but how fast the engine goes up in revs and develops maximum power.
Here, BMW started first and although Audi recovered in the second part of the route, the BMW M4 won this test. The Mercedes-AMG C 63S was very close to the Audi RS5.

But the driver of the C 63S is happy that there is a V8 under the hood and considers that it is enough for him. But it doesn’t look too good that the successor will only have an electrified four-cylinder.