Dramatic footage shows Mercedes-Benz C-Class swept away by flood. VIDEO

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Severe floods have hit South Africa and the weather forecast indicates more rain, while the water level is set to rise in the upcoming hours. Heavy downpours have caused massive damages across the country. A Mercedes-Benz C-Class is only one of the many.

Dramatic footage shows the luxury sedan floating in the flooded streets of Centurion. Located in the north-eastern part of South Africa, Centurion and capital Pretoria are two of the highly affected cities in the country.

The video, shared on Facebook and viewed by tens of thousands, of people reveals how a white C-Class is dragged by the muddy water. Hopefully, the owner has a car insurance that covers such damages. People watch from the side as the white Benz is swept away by flood and eventually gets stuck against an iron fence.

Repetitive warnings from the local authorities and swift interventions of the emergency teams working around the clock across the country, including 70 guests of a hotel airlifted to safety, has prevented the loss of lives in the areas affected by floods.