Unimog U 430 is out to play in the snow at dawn

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With half of the world covered in snow, the Unimog U 430 comes to save the day. In the skiing areas of Salzburg, temperatures go as low as – 20°C and the snow goes as high as 50 centimeters. So it takes a capable vehicle to withstand the winter conditions of the Austrian winters.

The mission to fight the cold, the snow and the ice in the state of Salzburg takes the Unimog out in the snow by 5 in the morning, before the rush of tourists begins. Everything has been depending on the reliable and sophisticated technology of the U 430 with all-wheel steering, Quick Reverse and snowplough relief, since the municipality of Leogang acquired the vehicles in 2016.

With the extra manoeuvrability provided by the all-wheel steering, the front and rear wheels of the vehicle can drive in exactly the same tracks, an indispensable capability when the Unimog has cut a curved path through deep snow and must reverse in its previous tracks.

Unimog U 430

The “Electronic Quick Reverse” is the feature that allows the Unimog to switch between forward and reverse gears swiftly. The vehicle has not one, but three reverse gears. In tight car parks, the Unimog needs to drive back and forth, quickly switching from forwards to backwards, increasing efficiency way beyond the abilities of a machinery that does not benefit from the technology.

The snowplough relief is based on the Unimog hydraulic system, ensuring that the weight of the part can be transferred onto the front axle. The degree of relief can be adjusted using the instrument cluster, increasing traction at the front axle and reducing wear on the blade.

Unimog U 430

There are hundreds of Unimog vehicles operating throughout Europe, clearing the snow-covered roads on a daily basis. Read more about the capabilities of the Unimog right here: Unimog U 4000 for the mountain rescue team in the Black Forest.