This is the conuntry that has just received two Mercedes-Benz eActros electric trucks

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Two Mercedes-Benz eActros electric trucks have just been delivered to one of the world’s “greenest” countries. They will drive across the roads of Switzerland.

Logistics service provider Camion Transport and retailer Migros get to test the Mercedes-Benz eAcros, as part of the so-called eActros “Innovation fleet”. The first received an 18-tonne truck to transport general cargo for commerce, trade and industry in St. Gallen, while the latter, weight 25 tonnes, will operate in the Zurich area, shipping goods for supermarket branches.

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The Mercedes-Benz eActros has a range of up to 200 kilometers. Each of them needs to cover approximately 150 kilometers per day. Each evening, the trucks will be charged.

Camion Transport continues its sustainability project “Emission-free to the City Center” The cargo is transported in a swap body with a lifting platform.

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Meanwhile, Migros will be using the eActros truck to supply the Migros supermarkets in downtown Zurich and the surrounding area with goods from its distribution center located in Zürich-Herdern.

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Both eActros trucks fight different topographic challenges, different types of traffic and tight deadlines.

The Migros vehicle also features a refrigerated replacement box, with optimum insulation for energy-efficient transport of refrigerated goods.

The eActros is built on the frame of the Mercedes-Benz Actros. Two electric motors, located near the wheel hubs of the rear axle, put the vehicle in motion, each delivering an output of 126 kW and 485 Nm maximum torque. Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 240 kWh store energy for approximately 200 kilometers.

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