This is the AMG Emotion. VIDEO

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AMG. Not just three letters standing for the names of two man and a small German town. But a spirit in itself. Do you feel the Mercedes-AMG spirit?

Mercedes-AMG say their mission is simple. Simpler than building hand-made engines. They want to fulfill the dreams of performance enthusiasts in every dimension. Too bad our computers are not in 3D.

In their latest video, the people in Affalterbach are showing their latest vehicles where they feel at home: on the racetrack, savouring the feel of speed and the energy exhaled by the adrenaline.


They put their cars visualized by racers up against speedy buckhounds and horses, eagles and cheetahs, at the same time, comparing them with people who have been living for their passion: sportsmen, dancers, artists. Because AMG is about feeling in control, about having the power, about reaching the top speed and about sound, about always being in the pole.

The engine roar rails along with a rock track, while the cars are pushed all the way to the limit.

The C 63 AMG, the CLA 45 AMG, the AMG GT S, the E 63 AMG, the G 63 AMG 6×6 behemoth and the elegant S-Class Coupe in the AMG guise, of course, among other cars with a need for speed are shown in the breath-taking video.

If you have been missing the AMG emotion for a while, this video might just help you remember. Just pick an AMG car! Any car!