A Mercedes is like a samurai – First car commercial with no car in it

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A Mercedes-Benz is like a samurai, hints a commercial from one year ago. The video shows a master in martial arts, Shozo Kato, displaying his abilities and his perspective on life and fighting.

If you expect to see cars running around, showing their fine lines and bragging about their engines or tech experts talking about safety, then you got it all wrong. This is the first car commercial that brings no car to the screen.

The discrete marketing is now something brands usually favor, so this actually comes like a… gift from the samurais.

The sensei discusses how timeless notions of stillness and movement come together through the modern lens of Japanese sword fighting.

“The samurai used the sword for practice, and if an ill intended foe appeared, they would duel. However, in Kendo, the sword is made of bamboo. And this is used to elevate your technique. When fighters cross swords and try to overtake the center, this energy is stillness. Even when a fighter is moving fast, his mind is calm, like an ocean with no waves. This is called immovable mind. In opposite terms, when a fighter is completely still, his heart and his mind are moving. So understanding the mind and the actions of your opponent, takes both stillness and movement”, the video tells the story of acting even when standing still.

“In Iado, you do not have an opponent, only an imaginary one. While imagining the opponent, I will imagine one far stronger than myself. However, I believe that your ultimate foe is your own self. Your confusion, fears and arrogance may arise. To rebuke them, you need to raise your energy with a great battle cry”, is the recommendation of the sensei.