Mercedes-Benz AccidentRepair – Because you can’t cover scratches with stickers

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It takes a perfect blond little girl and an all-smiles mother to gain the trust of the viewers. Mercedes-Benz knows the strategy since they broadcast the most effective of commercials during the Super Bowl two weeks ago, displaying a modern approach of a story most of us grew up with.

Mercedes-Benz has recently used the technique of affection again, this time to advertise for their AccidentRepair Service. The service provides first aid for adults and children together with car service, no matter how big or small the emergency and the damage are.

The golden-haired cutie in the TV ad broadcast by the German brand is shown driving a miniature Mercedes-AMG GT, in bright yellow, way brighter than the original car color. But of course, it is a toy meant to magnetize. The blond baby girl drives it around the living room and along the hallway, taking a fullwing by pushing her legs against the floor. The fun goes on and on, until she crashes the toy-car into a vase full of flowers.

See her reaction when she sees the effects of her home crash.

The mother turns out to be a great mechanic and paintworker. Taking the girl’s sorrow seriously, she sticks a yellow piece of paper on the scratched yellow hood and the girl smiles again.

But because there is no way you can put colorful stickers on your real cars, you are provided with the Mercedes-Benz AccidentRepair service. Which we really hope you’ll never actually need.