Star Wars Mania hits the smart brand – Who will win the space war?

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The Star Wars Mania hits the tiniest of cars as well. The smart for two vehicles got into formation to welcome the latest Walt Disney movie. But whose side are they? Will they also be looking for Luke Skywalker and why would they want to track him down?

The white smart fortwo vehicles play the part of the stormtroopers serving the Great Leader Snoke and his commanders. The grandson of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, allured to the dark side by his grandfather’s legacy, gets to order them around, while trying to track and destroy his uncle, Luke Skywalker, before he could rebuild the Jedi.

You may think that the dark side representative would be played by a black S-Class maybe? Not really! The one following in the steps of the frightful Vader is a black smart fortwo.

“In the space war, there’s only one winner. Smart!” Well, not space-space, but parking-space is what the video is referring to.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” smashed the box office records on the weekend of its debut, racking up a monumental $238 million. The 7th film of the franchise is soon to cover for the expense of the Walt Disney Company, that bought the film from George Lucas three years ago for $4 billion.