The world is going slightly mad – Mercedes A-Class drawn by a horse

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One horsepower. It hasn’t happened since the motorwagen Model I built by Karl Benz over 130 years ago, with even less than that. And yet, there are still people who believe it can do miracles on the road. So this is the 1-horsepower Mercedes A-Class.

A creative man cut a Mercedes-Benz A-Class in two, kept the rear seats and window, together with the truck lid. He fitted a carriage type axle on it, enabling the harnessing of a horse. He cut the doors off, but mounted the hood for a roof, with the grille and the three-pointed star included.

The yellow register plate relevantly says “horse”, so drivers heading to it from behind know exactly what they need to deal with.

No idea how he can use the turn indicator, but it is clear that the steering wheel has a mind of its own. For sure, the “driver” doesn’t need a license for it. And for sure, we don’t want to see this done to an S-Class!