Demonstration of strength – New Mercedes-Benz GLE shows off its E-Active Body Control

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The new Mercedes-Benz GLE comes with the ultimate suspension. the innovative system is the materialized synthesis of comfort, precision and dynamics that take off-road capabilities to a whole new level. A new video surfaces to let the GLE show off its E-Active Body Control.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLE, that made its debut at the Paris Motor Show this past September, features an in-house developed system, the new optional E-Active Body Control suspension. It is the only such system in the market. The technology brings spring and damping forces individually controlled for each of the wheels.

Available in combination with the Airmatic system, only for the 6- and 8-cylinder variants and using the 48-Volt system, the E-Active is easily controlled via the touchscreen onboard and can be engaged in case one of the wheels gets stuck while dune-bashing or traveling through mud.

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The new video surfacing online shows the suspension in action, rising and lowering the car automatically, changing ground pressure of the tires and improving traction to get the vehicle out of a possible critical situation.

The high-tech and segment-unique electro-hydraulic E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension system is available for 7,735 Euros. The SUV introduced in September is standardly equipped with a new steel suspension.