Baby zebra Citan meets Mercedes-Benz Citan in the wild

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Daimler’s smallest van and the zebra are both robust, adaptable and, starting now, they both answer to the same name: “Citan”. They meet face to face, for the first time, in the Seregenti Park.

Mercedes-Benz sales partner SternPartner GmbH & Co KG became the sponsor of a zebra baby, born in the Seregenti Park Hodenhagen. The foal got baptized “Citan”. The customers can now get onboard the Mercedes-Benz vans and go on a safari to visit the young “Citan”.

Mercedes-Benz Citan

Over 100 customers have already availed of the chance to visit Europe’s largest safari park this past Saturday. It’s both an experience in the wild and a test drive with the family-friendly Citan. Customers had the chance to become aware of the model variety of the small Mercedes van. The car maker has already made two Citan models in a zebra stripe look to match the baby zebra.