Nico Rosberg Is Literally Speechless After Sochi

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 We all know that the only thing more boring than watching the grass grow is listening to a sports interview. All sportsmen and women, no matter the discipline, are always so nice about their opponents, so predictible and conservative in their answers that you might just as well ignore the whole shananigans. Not this interview, though.

This short video was posted by Mercedes-Benz F1 driver Nico Rosberg after the race in Sochi, which saw him forced to visit the pits so early in the proceedings. He did manage to finish second despite the early setback and, even more important than this, the Mercedes team has now officially sealed the constructors’ championship title with 565 points from 16 races due to the phenomenal form of both its drivers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. With a few more races to go, Mercedes have all the chances of beating last year’s champions, Red Bull Racing, who ended the season with 596 points.

But enough with the numbers and statistics, let’s hear what Nico had to say about all that. Or, rather, what he had to mime about it. Turn up the volume and enjoy the silence.