Lewis Hamilton becomes a truck driver. “Noboy delivers as fast as me!”

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Lewis Hamilton has become a truck driver. Apparently, it was just for photo shooting. This weekend he is back on the racetrack for the Turkish Grand Prix.

With seven World Championships in his impressive CV, Lewis Hamilton is trying to show that the Formula One racing cars and his own hypercars. He can do delivery, too. No, it’s obviously not for the extra money, since he secured the extension of his deal with Mercedes-AMG Petronas for three more seasons.

Dressed up in his usual strange style and wearing a black cap and bright red sneakers, he got behind the steering wheel of what seems to be quite an old truck.

The occasional truck driver posed with one foot on the dashboard and a hand supported by a knee. Not quite a safe driving position, isn’t it? We all know that he might get hired in a heartbeat if he decided to go through all the courses and get the necessary certifications. The United Kingdom is going through a tough crisis of drivers.

Lewis Hamilton as a truck driver – “You have been delivering world championships!”

“My side hustle when I’m not racing”, Lewis Hamilton joked on Instagram. “No man can deliver as fast as me”, he added. No indication of what he actually delivers. Continuing Hamilton’s joke, we could say it’s his racing car. The British driver will be racing in Turkey this weekend. He starts the race as the leader of the overall ranking. He is two points ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. His Mercedes teammate, Valtteri Bottas, is in third place.

The comments he received on Instagram are hilarious.

“Your clothes cost more than the truck”

“You have been delivering world championships all decade, haven’t you?”

“Is the Zonda taking up too much fuel and you’re transporting it by truck?”, are some of the comments on Intagram.


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