Mercedes prepares a facelift at the end of 2025 for the Mercedes EQS

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Launched in 2021, sales of the Mercedes EQS are far from Mercedes’ expectations, especially when compared to the S-Class. That’s why Mercedes is preparing a comprehensive facelift, that will bring major technical improvements.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Launched in autumn 2021, the Mercedes EQS electric luxury limousine, codenamed V297, is not selling up to Mercedes’ expectations. It’s not just the high price that’s to blame, but also internal competition with the S-Class, which offers a better quality interior and better access to the rear seats, where wealthy owners of such a car sit.

That’s why Mercedes is preparing a mid-life facelift that will take place in late 2025/early 2026. The facelift refers not only to the design but also to crucial technical changes.

Bigger battery and modified platform 

The Mercedes EQS will be based on a modified EVA2 technical platform, which will be called EVA2M. This platform will give up the 400V technology in favor of 800V technology, which will lead to shorter battery charging times.

The Mercedes EQS will also get the new larger 118 kW net capacity battery introduced in January 2024 in the EQS SUV, replacing the current 108.4 kWh net capacity battery. In the case of the EQS 450 4Matic SUV, the new battery will offer an increased range of 658 km compared to 602 km with the old battery.

In the case of the Mercedes EQS limousine, we expect the range of the base version EQS 450+, equipped with a 360 hp engine driving the rear axle, to increase from 748 km to over 800 km.

Also, the smaller 90.6 kWh battery used in the EQE and EQE SUV will have an increased net capacity of 96 kWh.

With the introduction of the 800V platform, Mercedes will revise the powertrain of the EQS and ditch the Simens Valeo E engines in favor of the new Large version of its own eATS 2.0 engine. It integrates the engine, transmission, and silicon carbide inverter in a single housing and will also be used in the new MB.EA platform from 2025.

The new electric motors are produced by Mercedes at the Unterturkheim plant and feature higher power and a two-speed transmission, while in the current generation EQS, the motors are coupled to a single-speed transmission.

Other improvements are a second condenser in the cooling circuit and an optimization of recuperation.

Star-light headlights and chrome grille

The Mercedes EQS will get new headlamps with a star-light signature, similar to those on the CLA concept. It is not yet known whether these will be standard or optional.

Mercedes also unveiled the new front end of the Mercedes EQS at the Investor conference. This new face is characterized by the Mercedes star mounted on the bonnet and the closed radiator grille with a chrome frame and several chrome struts. However, it will still be possible to order the Mercedes logo included in the radiator grille. The front and rear spoilers and rear-view mirror cameras will also be revised.

However, the facelift will not change the shape of the bodywork. Chinese clients, in particular, have criticized the access to the rear seats, but the bodywork changes involve enormous costs. Instead, Mercedes will offer a more comfortable rear bench and an option for individual rear seats.

Following the changes, prices will rise due to technical modifications and improved range.

Mercedes S-Class logo

The new Mercedes EQS front grille (left) and the S-Class grille (right)