Mercedes EQS will get a facelift in 2025 but will keep its aerodynamic shape

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Mercedes is preparing a facelift for 2025 to the electric luxury limousine Mercedes EQS, which will take over the front end from the new CLA Concept but keep the aerodynamic shape.

Launched in September 2021 in Europe, the Mercedes EQS has been on the market for two and a half years, and Mercedes is preparing a facelift for 2025, at the fourth anniversary of its debut.

Mercedes has reacted to criticism of the EQS design but won’t be able to address it all in the facelift.
First, the Mercedes EQS facelift will adopt the new front end from the CLA Concept with LED daytime running lights in a three-pointed star design and the new grille.

A few spy shots are already circulating on the internet, but not much details can be seen because the front and rear parts are heavily camouflaged.

Also, even if it takes over the grille from the CLA Concept, it won’t be rearward-facing because Mercedes wants to keep the aerodynamic drop-shape that gives it the advantage of longer range over rivals.

Other changes include cameras mounted in the mirrors and a new rear bumper, while the taillights won’t undergo major changes.

The shape of the bodywork will not change, however, as it would cost a huge amount of money for a facelift. Mercedes has received criticism in particular from Asian customers who wanted easier access to the rear and a more stately body shape.

Currently, the Mercedes EQS has a two-volume body with a generous hayon, Mercedes favoring a record Cx of just 0.20, which confers range advantages when traveling at higher speeds on motorways.

But customers want a shape closer to that of the S-Class or at least the CLA Concept’s three-volume silhouette. But we have to wait the second generation Mercedes EQS for a radical change in design. The second generation will adopt a new design and a new platform on the 800V, but it probably won’t arrive before 2028-2029.

In terms of engine range, there probably won’t be any changes as the Mercedes EQS currently covers the full spectrum of power required in the luxury class. Thus, the Mercedes EQS will probably be offered in the same versions: EQS 450+ (the only version with one motor at the rear, that in the meantime become the best-seller), EQS 450 4Matic, EQS 500 4Matic, EQS 580 4Matic (former best selling version) and AMG EQS 53 4Matic.

Currently, prices are quite high, starting at 109,551 euros for the EQS 450+, and Mercedes is offering some free equipment packages to boost sales, especially in the Chinese market, where the luxury electric model segment is very small.