Mercedes EQS SUV Gets a Larger Capacity Battery for Model Year 2024

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For Model Year 2024, the Mercedes EQS SUV gets a battery with a higher net capacity of 118 kWh compared to 107.8 kW before.

Built on the EVA II platform, also used for the Mercedes EQE and EQS limousines and the EQE SUV, the Mercedes EQS SUV will have a larger battery for Model Year 2024. The dimensions of the new battery remain unchanged, because the increase in net capacity from 107.8 kWh to 118 kWh was achieved through battery cell update and the use of improved cell chemistry.

The new battery is available for all four versions.
Thus, thanks to the new battery, the range has increased as follows:
– Mercedes EQS 450+ with rear axle motor and 265 kW (360 ps), range increased from 671 to 709 km (417 to 441 miles) . Price from 110,801 euro
– Mercedes EQS 450 4Matic with two engines and the same 260 kW (360 ps), range increased from 602 to 658 km (374 to 409 miles). Price from 114,609 euros
– Mercedes EQS 500 4Matic with two engines and 330 kW (449 ps), range increased from 602 to 658 km (374 to 409 miles). Price from 124,545 euro.
– Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic with two engines and 440 kW (544 ps), range increased from 599 to 656 km (372 to 408 miles). Price from 147,923 euros.

Mercedes guarantees a remaining capacity of 70% for ten years and 250,000 km. The battery can be charged at AC stations with 11 kW in 10 hours and optionally up to 22 kW in 5 hours. At DC stations, the Mercedes EQS SUV charges up to 200 kW from 0 to 80% in only 31 minutes. Mercedes says it takes just 15 minutes to charge the range for 250 km.

The Mercedes EQS SUV has 4 degrees of energy recovery: D (standard), D – (more energic recovery), D – – (One Pedal equivalent), D-Auto (automatic recovery depending on driving style), and D+ (coasting without recovery).

The Mercedes EQS SUV has four-link suspension on the front axle and multilink on the rear axle, and adaptive Airmatic air suspension and integral steering with a 4.5 degree steering angle are standard. Mercedes doesn’t disclose ground clearance but says it can increased by 25 mm or  lowered by 15 mm in Sport mode.

The integral steering with 10-degree steering angle which reduces the turning circle to 11 meters can be ordered optionally at the time of purchase or later via an OTA update.

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