Mercedes GLC Coupe from 62,594 euros ($69,225)

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Mercedes has announced prices for the new Mercedes GLC Coupe, which will be available at dealers from July 2023. They start at 62,594 euros ($69,225) for the Mercedes GLC 200 4Matic Coupe.

Mercedes has announced prices for the new Mercedes GLC Coupe. As with the Mercedes GLC, the prices have significantly increased, ranging from 7,500 ($8,293) to 14,300 euros ($15,815).

Thus, the cheapest Mercedes GLC 200 4Matic Coupe (204 ps plus mild hybrid system on 48V with 23 ps starter generator) costs 62,594 euros ($69,225), 7,500 euros ($8,293) more than the previous generation. At the same time, the SUV-Coupe is 2,785 euros ($3,080) more expensive than the SUV version. The more powerful petrol Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic Coupe (258 ps + 23 ps) costs 72,947 euros ($80,675), an increase of 10,450 euros ($11,557).

The diesel version of the GLC 220d, the best-selling SUV, costs 65,212 euros ($72,121), which is also 7,500 euro ($8,293) more expensive than its predecessor and 2,797 euro ($3,093) more costly than the SUV version. The most significant difference is for the Mercedes GLC 300 d 4Matic Coupe which is 14,300 euros ($15,815) more expensive than the model it replaces, priced at 74,732 euros ($82,650).

The PHEV versions have also become very expensive. For example, the Mercedes GLC 300 d e 4Matic Coupe costs 77,469 euros ($85,677) (plus 8,100 euros/$8,958), and the Mercedes GLC 300 e 4Matic costs 75,684 euros ($83,702)  (plus 9,900 euros/$10,949).

The most expensive PHEV model is the new GLC 400 e 4Matic which costs 79,611 euros ($88,045), a version that did not exist in the previous model.

Mercedes justifies the price increase on the PHEV models by the three times the larger battery capacity of 23.4 kWh net compared to 7.4 kWh before, which gives the PHEV models impressive electric ranges of up to 130 km. In addition, the battery of the PHEV versions can be charged at DC stations with up to 60 kW from 10 to 100% in just 30 minutes. All PHEV versions are available at launch in July 2023.

In case of conventionally powered versions, the price increase is partially explained by the richer standard equipment of the new generation. While in the case of the Mercedes GLC, the best-selling version is the GLC 220 d 4Matic, in the case of the SUV-coupe version, the highest demand is registered for the GLC 300 4Matic.

The Technology Package with Airmatic suspension and integral steering with 4,5 degrees is also available for the Mercedes GLC Coupe at a price of 3,320 euros ($3,672).