Mercedes SL special models: Maybach SL version and Speedster limited series

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Mercedes has announced a Maybach SL version of the Mercedes SL and a “Mythos Series” collector’s limited series that could debut with a Speedster version for the SL.

Photo: Instagram/Gorden Wagener

The idea is pretty weird. The new generation Mercedes-AMG SL is developed by AMG on a dedicated platform that corresponds to a genuine sports car. In our test a few months ago, we noticed the very firm adaptive suspension, typical of a sports car, but not really suited to a GT. That’s why the idea of a Maybach version on a sports platform seems rather strange.

However, Ola Kallenius, Mercedes CEO, has announced that there will be a Maybach version of the SL. Surely though, Mercedes will tune the suspension in a different way, and we expect a V12 engine under the hood of the Maybach version.
In the case of the S-Class, the luxury limousine is available with 6- and 8-cylinder engines, while the Maybach S-Class is equipped with 8- and 12-cylinder engines as well as the PHEV system, which is based on an inline 6-cylinder engine.

The Mercedes-AMG SL is currently available with 4-cylinder (AMG SL 43) and 8-cylinder (AMG SL 55 and 63) engines. That’s why we believe there won’t be a Maybach SL version with a 4-cylinder engine, but it’s possible that the Maybach badge will appear on the hood of the 8-cylinder version, as well as on a new 12-cylinder version.

In the former generation Mercedes SL (R231), Mercedes had, until 2018, a V12 version called the SL 65 AMG equipped with a 6-litre V12 engine developing 630 PS and 1000 Nm transmitted to the rear axle via a 7-speed automatic gearbox. A successor for this model would fit perfectly with the Maybach brand profile.

In the new-generation Maybach S-Class, Mercedes has managed to couple the 6-litre, 612 PS, V12 engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, so this powertrain could also fit in a future Maybach SL V12. A V12-powered roadster is a rarity at the moment after Aston Martin DB12 dropped out the V12, and the Rolls-Royce Dawn is already nine years old on the market.

Mercedes-Maybach SL

Chief designer Gorden Wagener posted a photo on Instagram showing a front section of an SL with a two-tone painted hood and the well-known Maybach grille. But he didn’t give any technical details about it.

Mercedes has another development direction in mind. Just as Ferrari has created a range of limited edition models called the “Ikona Series”, Mercedes wants to create a similar range, called the “Mythos Series”, aimed at passionate collectors.

Gorden Wagener also posted a preview on Instagram of a Speedster version of the SL. From the profile photo Wagener showed, it’s clear that the photo shows an SL and the rear part is similar to a Speedster.
An SL Speedster could be the first model in the new limited edition “Mythos Series” range. This limited series has no connection to Maybach but might have the same V12 engine under the hood to certify its exclusivity. Some rumors announce the SL Speedster for 2025, while for a Maybach SL, there is no exact date yet.