First review Mercedes AMG GT S by auto motor und sport

Mercedes AMG GT S
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The German magazine Auto motor und sport presents the first review of the new Mercedes AMG GT S on the legendary US racetrack Laguna Seca.

The author Alexander Bloch asks himself whether the new Mercedes AMG GT S is a Porsche 911 killer or not. You could find the answer in the article.

The AMG GT S has a very taut suspension and, even in the comfort position of the adaptive suspension, the sports car from Affalterbach shakes the driver. At first blush, the Porsche 911 is a little softer, but only the first comparison test will give a clear verdict.

But on the other hand, the AMG GT S is a car with amazing manners. The steering is directly pleasant and the explanation could be that AMG has chosen a good old hydraulics power steering and not an electro-mechanical one, like the Porsche 911 has. The driving position is low, but the iPad-1 styling of the central display would need an upgrade.

As in case of the Porsche 911, the driver could activate and hear a pleasant sporty sound by pressing a button.

The reason to go to the US was to test AMG GT S on Laguna Seca racetrack, a track that requires high confidence in the car. And if the Race Mode is on, the car shows a lot of confidence in the first fast corner after the start. And over the hilltop, the car is as light as a slider. The braking point to the next left can easily be set extremely late, because the ceramic composite brakes are well dosed, despite the natural brutality of such brakes.

The transaxle configuration ensures a perfect weight distribution of the 1,645 kg AMG GT S, with a slightly bias to the rear (47/53%), meanwhile the electronic rear axle locking differential improves the handling. Understeering? Yes, a little, when you reach the limit.

The author also has very nice appraisal about the new 4 liter bi-turbo V8 engine. A turbo engine has rarely been so pleasant to drive like a high-revs natural aspirated engine.  The 7 gears double clutch gearbox, which shifts gears even quicker than the old gearbox from the SLS AMG, is also very good.

Will the Mercedes AMG GT S be as quick as the 911 Turbo? Hard to say, because the 911 Turbo has the advantages of the 4 wheel drive, integral steering and active stabilized bars, plus a a better power to weight ratio.

But before we know the answer to this question, the AMG GT S is a very successful car, that scores with a great high-speed emotionality. Let’s be honest: we do not want more but of a sports car.

Who understands German, can read the full article here.