Mercedes-Benz 2020 Growth Strategy

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Mercedes-Benz Cars intends to expand the international presence of its procurement organization with increased responsibility for supplier quality, thus ensuring the Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy.

14A144The department of Procurement and Supplier Quality Mercedes-Benz Cars that has around 1,400 employees all over the world is in charge of the purchasing volume each year in the two-digit billion euros range. Dr. Klaus Zehender, Divisional Board Member Procurement and Suppler Quality Mercedes-Benz Cars, stated that the Stuttgart-based company needs the most innovative and capable suppliers as their growth strategy offers them outstanding prospects. Furthermore, he added that their traditional suppliers have the chance to evolve along with the global production and procurement network.

The new C-Class is the first Mercedes-Benz model that benefits from the increased international footprint, the highest-volume model series that is currently being produced on four continents.  The production network includes the German lead plant from Bremen, the South African plant in East London, Tuscaloosa/Alabama plant from the U.S. and the Chinese production location BBAC in Beijing. All these international plants are supplied to a high degree with parts from local suppliers.

The procurement locations from China, the United States and South Africa play a vital role in increasing localization, as their tasks and responsibilities are being strengthened. For example, the premium sound system on C-Class is produced by the high-end audio specialist Burmester. Marquardt, a switching system specialist, produces all locking systems for the model series. Mattes & Ammann is a supplier of all fabrics that covers ceilings and pillars. Boysen produces the exhaust system of the new C-Class, because due to its dimensions it can only be manufactured locally and the company has built new locations for this purpose, thus enlarging its own international presence.

Vor-Ort-Besuch in Südafrika beim Abgasspezialisten Boysen: Dr.

Until 2020, Mercedes-Benz will launch globally more than 30 models, out of which 11 do not have a direct predecessor.  Four values define the relationship with the suppliers: technology/innovation, quality, reliability and costs.

The department Procurement and Supplier Quality Mercedes-Benz Cars manages the procurement of production material and the supplier parts quality for passenger cars.