Video: yet another clip of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 in action

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The films starring the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 keep piling on, but the car still looks as stunning as ever. This is one automobile you can never get tired of looking at, isn’t it?

We already know pretty much all there is to know about the new (we can still call it that, i guess) Mercedes-AMG GT3, so now all there’s left for us to do is sit back and enjoy the show. And, by God, what a show it is!

Even while standing still, the car still looks like it means business, and not the kind of business anyone can handle. It’s super-aggressive, purposeful and, above everything else, beautiful. Seeing it dance around on a racetrack, it’s like watching a fish in the water – all the elements seem to connect perfectly, rendering the most natural of pictures.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see this car racing properly, maneuvering around opponent cars and, probably, finishing first. I’m taking my daydreaming a little too far, I guess, but rest assured: that day will come.

I have no doubt the GT3 will take further the legacy left behind by the outgoing SLS AMG GT3 and I don’t need to watch any videos to know this: the AMG engineers must have refined this car to perfection because there’s too much at stake here and they can’t afford a flop.

There are times when you feel like the Mercedes-AMG GT3 can’t be lifted off the tarmac even if you hooked to a power crane – it appears to be constantly sucked against the track surface by unseen powers. If it were to fall off a cliff, it wouldn’t actually fall, but continue to drive on the vertical wall like gravity was something uninvented yet. It’s a joy to watch, a treat for the eyes. You’re welcome.