BMW sold more cars than Mercedes in 2022

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Mercedes is no longer the world’s number 1 premium brand. BMW has sold over 56,000 more units, while Audi is more than 420,000 cars behind.

The COVID epidemic, the semiconductor crisis, and logistics problems caused by stock shortages of various raw materials have affected sales of premium models. BMW fared best during this difficult period and sold 2,100,692 units in 2022. Although BMW’s sales fell 5.1% compared to 2021, the Bavarian brand remained the best-selling premium brand in the world. With 2,043,900 units sold, Mercedes retains its second position, recording a decrease of only 1%. In contrast, Audi’s decline is worsening. VW’s premium brand recorded sales of 1,614,231 units, down 3.9% from 2021.

BMW sold more electrified models than Mercedes
BMW also has an edge in sales of electric and PHEV models. The Bavarians sold 372,956 electric and PHEV models (+107.7%) compared to 319,200 at Mercedes (+19%). BMW also sold more fully-electric models than Mercedes: 172,011 (215,755 including the Mini Cooper SE) compared to 117,800 at Mercedes. Audi only reports a figure for fully-electric models: 118,196 units, 44% more than in 2021.

BMW does not report sales for BMW and Mini brands separately by region, so a direct comparison cannot be made. For example, Mercedes sold 635,100 units in Europe, compared to 624,498 Audi and 877,369 BMW and Mini. Mercedes sold 327,00 units in North America, compared to 439,585 BMW and Mini and 202,367 Audi. In China, Audi’s results could be better, with only 642,548 units sold compared to 987,800 Mercedes and 1,028,105 BMW and Mini.

MercedesBMW Audi
Total sales 2,043,9002,100,6921,614,231
Electric models117,800172,011118,196
PHEV models 201,400200,945n.a.
Sales By Regions
Europe 635,100877,369*624,498
Asia 987,8001,028,105*642,548
North America 327,000439,585*202,367
*BMW and Mini