Mercedes sold more than twice as many electric models in 2022

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Sales of Mercedes electric models have increased more than double in 2022. Mercedes sold 117,800 electric models in 2022, 124% more than in 2021.

In a complicated year due to the COVID epidemic, semiconductor crisis, and logistics issues, Mercedes sold 2,043,900 units in 2022, down 1% from 2021. Of these, 319,200 electric and PHEV models represent a 19% increase over 2021 and 15% of total Mercedes sales. Of the 319,200 units, 117,800 were electric models and 201,400 PHEVs. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the 1% decrease is also because Mercedes decided to stop exporting cars and vans to Russia.

Top-end Luxury sales
Mercedes-Maybach recorded its best result, with 21,600 units sold (+37%). This exceptional result was due to outstanding sales in Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and especially China, where Mercedes-Maybach sold more than 1,100 units per month.

The Mercedes S-Class luxury limousine sales exceeded 90,000 units, 5% more than in 2021. The Mercedes EQS electric luxury limousine also saw sales of 19,200 units.

Core Luxury sales
Sales of core models category (C-Class, E-Class, GLC, GLE) reached 1,101,800 units, up 4% from 2021. Once again, the Mercedes GLC was the best-selling Mercedes model, with 342,900 units (+3%). The C-Class occupied second place in the best-selling models ranking with 299,100 cars. The new electric limousine EQE found 12,600 customers in 2022.

Entry Luxury sales
Sales of compact models in the A-Class family fell by 10% to 587,700 units. On the other hand, the Mercedes EQA is the best-selling electric model, with 33,100 units (+43%). It is followed by the Mercedes EQB with 24,200 units (+> 1,000%).

Sales by regions
Sales increased in all three major regions of the world: Asia, Europe, and North America. In Europe, sales increased by 1% to 635,100 units thanks to a good result in the German market (+8%). In Europe, sales of electric and PHEV models account for 36% of sales.

Sales in North America increased by 3% to 327,000 units thanks to the good result in the U.S., where the market grew by 4% and S-Class sales by 12%. Sales in Asia rose only 1% to 987,800 units, slowed by stagnation in the Chinese market, which declined by 1%. However, sales of electric and PHEV models rose by 143% in China. Very good results were recorded in India (+41%) and Vietnam (+19%).

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