The year of the dream cars – Bringing back the sense of wonder

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2016 is the year of the dream cars: the new roadsters and cabriolets make of this year a dream come true. Four such “dream cars” have hit the road this year: the SLC and the SLC roadsters, together with the C-Class and S-Class Cabriolets. Mercedes-Benz is bringing back the sense of wonder with a modular umbrella campaign.

The marketing strategy focuses on the all-new C-Class Cabriolet, playing the leading role in the TV commercial. Unconventional images highlight the sense of freedom that a driver can only get in a drop top. The story line takes the viewers from the childhood of a ginger boy dreaming big to the moment he drives his very own C-Class Cabriolet, rediscovering the sense of wonder that he used to feel as a kid. With the driver more aware of the surroundings, of the light around, the air and the nature, the drop top opens a whole new world to spectacular vistas. The grown up man behind the wheel escapes the everyday routine, gazing in delight to the sensations that he is supplied with. The commercial will be shown worldwide across digital channels and major TV channels.

Umbrella campaign dream cars

“We draw a connection between our roadsters and cabriolets and the mindset they represent: one of spontaneity, joy and freedom – on the road and in life,” points out Dr Jens Thiemer, Head of Marketing Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. “We are telling a moving story which is based very much in real life and works with emotional imagery, showcasing each vehicle in an inspiring setting.”

And speaking of inspiring settings for the open-air experience, the print advertisements show the cars covered in crimson leaves and surrounded by crystal clear skies. The print campaign started on June, 30th and will run in high-circulation magazines, special interest media and national newspapers.

Advertising agency Jung von Matt and antoni set up the Mercedes-Benz campaign, with the video commercial being produced by ANORAK Film. Scottish film composer Lorne Balfe was the one to write the music of the promotional video.