Police officer hit by Mercedes C 63 AMG in Times Square

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Doing burnouts in Times Square? Definitely the worst idea that any car owner could ever get! Still the driver of a Mercedes C 63 AMG defied all odds and even hit a police officer that tried to stop him.

The NYPD busted two speed demons that made a spectacle of themselves in the heart of New York. They were spotted drifting in Times Square, dragged a police officer that came between them and the crowds, dragged him for a few yards and left the scene with no remorse.

The police followed the driver and his passenger, who were subsequently identified as Arfhy Santos, 20, and William Lopez, 24. They hid in a building in Harlem and tried to jump from the third floor of the construction as the police closed in. The cops believe that Santos was behind the steering wheel of the Mercedes, yet Lopez was the owner of the vehicle. They were taken into custody and charged for the hit and run act.

The video caught by witnesses show NYPD officer Ian Wallace trying to stop the luxury sports car that eventually drags him and knocks him off on the pavement. The Mercedes hit several cars parked sideways as the driver made his escape and miraculously avoiding pedestrians. Both men had previous criminal record. The policeman was admitted to hospital with minor injuries to his arms, back, right hip and right leg and released later on.