Drag race by night: Tesla Model S P85D vs Mercedes AMG GT S

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The Mercedes’ latest sporty, the AMG GT S, usually finishes the drag races feeding dust to its competitors. But there is one more rival that wants to get things settled: The Tesla Model S P84 D is the one that braced up. So what is it going to be?

Before we let you see the video, we want to bring you the technical details of the night race that pits the Mercedes-AMG GT S (we wonder how many there were…) against an all-electrical rival, the Tesla Model S P85D. The figures bring no spoiler alert, we promise! Not yet, though.

The Mercedes-AMG GT S is equipped with the already famous 4.0-liter V8, delivering up to 510 HP and 479 lb-ft (650 Nm) of torque. The Tesla Model has no reason to be jealous on these figures, as it comes with twin electric motors delivering 691 HP and a staggering 686 lb-ft (930 Nm) of torque. The Tesla’s power is sent towards the all four-wheels, but – as you may already know by now after reading about the billion drag races that employed the Mercedes’ GT – the AMG engine conveys its power towards the rear wheels.

Spoiler alert! (unless you haven’t watched the video yet…)

Once the Tesla and the Mercedes start the rush race by night, the Tesla easily takes the lead, as its twin electric motors are doing a fine job under the hood. But the AMG engine simply countermands the Tesla’s start advantage soon, once its torque kicks in and overtakes the rival to get a brand new crown. We have no idea about how many it’s got already, but who’s counting anyway?

Blame it on the weight difference, but still, that’s the way it is. The Tesla Model P85D weighs 4,900 pounds (2222kg), while the GT S has a slimmer silhouette of only 3,756 pounds (1700 kg).


Photo source: Mercedes-Benz USA.