Mercedes-Benz Vito: May I Have This Dance?

The New Vito Marketing Campaign
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It all started with a dance! Mercedes-Benz is going viral with its humorous original visual campaign for the new Vito, paraphrasing the famous 80’s love story movie, „Dirty Dancing”. The video presents the new van as the offspring of a passionate encounter between a Mercedes-Benz Actros truck and an S-Class coupe.

There is no lover boy Patrick Swayze in the attention-grabbing video campaign with the slogan „The New Vito. Raise Your Game.” But we have the Actros instead. And the S-Coupe is playing the part of the gracious Frances „Baby” Houseman from the iconic movie. Designed to magnetize the social media, the new van is obviously born from the best Mercedes-Benz genes. From the Actros, the Vito has inherited top values for vehicle ability, as well as an outstanding economy. The S-Class coupe has put into the mid-size van all its best: ground breaking technology and all safety and assistance systems of the luxury cars. And naturally, the Vito takes both grace and strength in its silhouette after his motorized „parents”, as good looks run in the family!

The new Vito sets the standards in the mid-size van segment. Along with the highest level of quality, safety and economy, the „love child” of the „automotive romance” is the first vehicle in the Merceds-Benz product range to give a choice of rear-wheel, all-wheel or front-wheel drive systems. The new generation consumes 20% less fuel than its predecessor. None of the van’s competitors can outdo the BlueEFFICIENCY package fuel consumption figures of 5,7 liters.

The Vito promotion has captured attention on all media channels. Nicolai Berger, Head of Marketing Communications at Mercedes-Benz Vans division says: „The market launch campaign is an integrated and comprehensive communicative approach to clearly position the Vito as the best and most attractive product that is currently available in the mid-size van segment.”