Official video with Torque shifting on the new Mercedes EQS

Test drive Mercedes EQS on Immendingen test track
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Mercedes unveils first official video with Torque shifting from the new Mercedes EQS on the Immendingen test track.

Mercedes has started presenting the technological innovations from the new Mercedes EQS in a series. In the first episode, we meet the chief engineer Eva Greiner and the pilot Felix Smith.
At minute 3:50 is presented the Eco Assist function  which takes into account the navigation instructions. Thus, the car knows ahead of you if it follows a tighter turn or a roundabout, you can view it on the head-up display and it is suggested to take your foot out of the acceleration.

At minute 4:54 the Torque shifting function is presented for the first time. This allows for optimal torque distribution between the front and rear axle engines using the CPC (Central Powertrain Controller) system which is actually the brain of the Mercedes EQS and which decides which is the best solution.
CPC distributes the torque of the two engines depending on the chosen driving mode.
To notice the differences, Felix Smith and Eva Greiner drove a 2017 Mercedes S-Class coupe and the new EQS on the wet surface of the circuit. Felix notices the more neutral behavior of the Mercede EQS.
At one point he notices the more obvious understeer tendency of the S-Coupe.  At another point of the track, driving the EQS in a large curve, Felix noticed that in the same curve the rear of the S-Coupe tended to deviate outwards, while EQS remains very neutral.
Felix’s conclusion is that there is a huge difference between the behavior of the S-Coupe and the EQS and that he has the feeling that he can drive EQS even faster.