Mercedes EQG concept at Munchen Motorshow (IAA Mobility 2021)

Electric Mercedes G-class
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The website announces that Mercedes will present at the Munich show (IAA Mobility) a first preview of the future Mercedes G-Class electric which will most likely be called the Mercedes EQG.

Finally, this announcement is not surprising because Mercedes had announced since October 6, 2020 at the general meeting of shareholders held online that the Mercedes G-Class will have an electric version.

Perhaps the surprise is that the Mercedes G-Class electric (Mercedes EQG) shows up so early. But it is a concept because the series version will come only in 2023.

Mercedes has decided to electrify the G-Class but also the AMG and Maybach models to drastically reduce CO2 emissions. According to MBpassion, Mercedes EQG will not use the EQS MEA platform and the future EQE SUVs and EQS SUVs.
This was to be expected considering that the Mercedes G-Class has a construction with a separate chassis and three lockable differentials and thus the MEA platform does not fit the EQG.

Instead, the Mercedes EQG will take over a number of important subassemblies from EQS such as the large 107.8 kWh net capacity battery and the two engines that together supply over 500 HP. Given that the G-Class is a classic off-roader, there will be no rear-wheel drive version but only all-wheel drive versions.

Given that the Mercedes G-Class has a much weaker Cx than the Mercedes EQS, it will certainly not have the same range as the EQS, although they have the same large 107.8 kWh battery. Mercedes EQS 450 with a single engine has a range of up to 770 km WLTP (single engine, 385 HP) while Mercedes EQS 580 has a range of up to 610 km (two engines, 523 hp). Therefore, we expect the Mercedes EQG to have a range of about 500 km which is, anyway, competitive.

In the renderings with Mercedes EQG you can see the front grille typical of Mercedes EQ models. For better aerodynamics it is possible that the headlights have a different shape than the round one from the classic G-Class.

It seems that Mercedes has registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office the names Mercedes EQG 560 and Mercedes EQG 580 but we believe that there will be only one version.